Android Bootcamp

As the world is moving mobile, self-motivated software developers are willing to know more about Android development. This Bootcamp will give them a hands-on experience in Android development. This Bootcamp is based on four pillars – Practice-Based Learning, Focus on Industry standards, Online-Offline Mashup, Learning for growth.

Discussing the details of –

Android Pie 9.0


The Java Alternate



The Native DB

Social auth


Program Schedule

Pre camp

You’ll get to know all the pre-requisites for the camp. All the videos (Android Bootcamp Playlist) are available on our You tube channel. It is basically consisting of installation of necessary software, hands on training on the basic of java and kotlin languages, first app you will ever make for your mobile and much more.

During the camp

Days Topics covered Apps Developed
Day 1 Activity Life Cycle, Hardware Components Personalized Flash Light, Welcome Screens, Gesture Detect
Day 2 Intents, Services, GPS, Data Storage Passing data app, BMI App, Share My Location app, Login App
Day 3 Material Design, Network Handling, Content Provider Clean India App, nearby Restaurants, Music Player, Gallery
Day 4 Broadcast Receiver, Firebase Firebase Authentication app, BeFit App
Day 5 Version Controlling and Gradle Understanding Firebase Data Storage App
Day 6 Using 3rd party Popular API’s and Libraries MVC, Retrofit and butterknife injecting


Post camp

We want to ensure that you should be able to write production-grade Android native applications by end of the program. We cover end to end cycle of android application which starts from the foundation (Java/Kotlin Languages) and ends with launching Industry-grade Application on the play store (The dreamland of every Developer).